10Time Vision

What we offer is a simple web based time tracking tool for groups of loosely connected professionals that collaborate on a professional basis. Finally distributed teams can also have simple and easy to use time tracking software that does what you need and then leaves you alone. In-house teams and individual professionals can enjoy 10Time benefits too!

We are drivers in the movement for better software. Too many features make software complex and tedious to use, install or maintain. That is why we believe in simple but well crafted solutions. Traditional time tracking software is bothersome because there are lots of features you do not need. Many of those features are getting in the way of what you need to do:

What functionality do you really need?

To enable easy to use time tracking there are only a few things you need to actually do:

  • Organize your work.

  • Invite your team.

  • Track time.

  • Report hours.


How does 10Time help you organize my work?

In 10Time work is organized by using Projects, Sub projects, Categories and Sub categories. This setup is simple and allows you the freedom to organize your work so that it matches your style and preferences closely. For example you can setup clients as projects, or have a single 10Time project for each contract you do for a client. You can have multiple projects for the same client in 10Time. You could choose to set up releases or iterations as a project.
Read more about how 10Time can help you organize your work with projects

Categories and sub categories help you to specify and detail the kind of tasks you register. You have complete control over which (sub) categories you create and the order they appear in the time sheet.
Examine how 10Time can help you organize your work with categories and sub categories

In order to help you integrate 10Time in your workflow even further, you can change the terminology for (sub) projects and (sub) categories. For instance, you can rename "Projects" to "Clients" and "Sub projects" to "Assignments", if you use those names in your administration.


How does 10Time help you invite my team?

Just go to the team member section, enter the name and the email address of a new team member you want to invite. 10Time takes care of sending the invitation email and creating an account. Team members can enter 10Time and start logging hours right away. Find out how 10Time can help invite your team


How does 10Time help you track time?

Entering and specifying time spent is done on personal day-by-day online time sheets. We've done our best to keep this time sheet as close to the traditional paper time sheet that is familiar to everyone. You've got a number of lines where you can enter data. Per time entry logged, choose the project, category, enter a short description, enter the hours worked.

You can easily navigate the time sheet using the TAB key. When you've completed a line, it is automatically saved in the background with a small visual clue.

There are two ways to enter time:

  • Decimal notation; hours,fragment - for example 1,5 for one and a half hours.

  • Hour notation; hours:minutes - for example 1:30 for one hour and thirty minutes.

The way 10Time displays time values can be changed in your Settings page. If you set Time Notation to 'decimal notation', you still can enter time in both decimal and hour notation; all values are automatically converted to decimals.

Real-time tracker

An even easier way to enter time is with a little help from the real-time tracker. Press the start button when you start a new task and press the stop button when you're done. It's that simple! The time tracker updates itself every minute, so you always have an accurate indication of the elapsed time. Explore how 10Time can help you track time in depth


How does 10Time help you create Reports?

10Time has a simple filtering and selection interface to create and export reports. You can select and sort on team member, project, time frame and category. Reports total up the number of hours. According to your plan options you can also export reports to pdf and excel. See how 10Time can help you create specifications and professional looking reports


How does 10Time help you to get paid?

Reports can also show billing information. Hourly rates can be defined for (sub) categories, team member/project combinations and individual team members. In combination with the flexible categories setup, you can always create a scheme that matches your personal situation, allowing you (for instance) to precisely define which hours are billable and which are not. See how 10Time can help you create reports with billing information

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