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Is 10Time something for you?

Did you ever wonder how to manage your projects, track time and create reports the easy way? Others did! Some of them tried 10Time. Maybe you are interested in what their experiences are ...

Jordan Knox Polk

Producer at digital base productions

Team members: 1

Jordan works for Digital Base Productions in Lubbock, Texas USA. He's in charge of interactive media, which entails web design, DVD authoring, 3D animation, and Interactive CD-ROMs.
"I'm logging in from home, work, or any other location, logging my time, printing reports and sending them directly to clients as invoices. It's a perfect system."

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Ronald The

User Experience Designer, Graphic designer and developer at infotectures

Team members: 7

"My freelancers often work in a remote (or home) -office. I need to track times. 10Time is easy and fun to use. I use it to track all working times, my freelancers also use it to bill me. We use 10Time on daily base to track time during projects. After having finished projects we create reports (export to excel) to make invoices."

Hans Peter Bech

Manager/partner at TBK Consult

Team members: 15

Hans Peter is manager and partner at TBK consult, a consulting company which helps software companies with massive and rapid globalization. "We sell hours and fixed price projects, we need to track and bill time. 10Time provides us an easy way to keep track of time and to create reports."

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Matt Boyd

Network Systems Engineer at Homebuilder solutions

Team members: 20

"We provide back-office solutions and business consulting to homebuilders. We needed a time registration solution that allows us to keep track of billable time for special projects for our homebuilder clients. And also allows us to have a backup for the time covered by service contracts (i.e., not special projects) with our clients.
With 14Dyz we can now very accurately track all billable time per team mate and project! It has helped us increase our billing by at least a factor of 2.
Thank you for a great product!"

Matt Ansell

Creative Director at Jaskgroup

Team members: 5

"We are a graphic design / print company who work for many clients. Our services include graphic design, web design, branding, print management and consulttion. They are all very time sensitive (they need their amendments/artwork fast). 10Time allows us to easily keep track of all clients and we can finally see the viability of working with some demanding clients. ie. we quote for a design but the client then changes their mind so many times that it takes a lot longer than quoted. 10Time allows us to either decide to stop working with the client, increase prices or at least show the client for future reference why costs must go up."

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Kieran Wyatt

Director and strategic copywriter |

Team members: 3-4

"We're a team of copywriters, journalists, photographers and film-makers working remotely rather than having an office. We use 10Time to Track time spent on business projects and to produce reports on how time spent on projects. 10Time is easy to use, intuitive, very quick to get started."

Devi Somai

Bookkeeper at 1100Architect

Team: 36 Architects and 8 Administrative staffs

1100 Architect, P.C. is an architectural firm based in New York, USA.
"We use 10Time on daily base to track all time spent by projects and tasks. We also use it for budgeting for a specific project."

Devin Pantess

Operations Analyst at SHPS

Team members: 10-12

"We bill our development/project time to our client to obtain reimbursement. 10Time is accessible by all project staff, easy to use and quickly enter time. We like the data entry by daily view, weekly view and no buttons to push. It has a great look and is very simple to adapt. In short: a perfect tool for the job!"

Allison van de Sande

Office Manager at Pascolo

Team members: 20

"I take care of general administration for a middle-small IT web bureau which builds complex data websites. Our web developers fill in their hours. Via our CEO I check that the hours are being filled in correctly and print reports for the hours spent on each project to bill customers. I also use it to confirm vacation days and sick leave. 10Time is clear, easy to use and easy to create reports: ideal for our purposes!"

Ralf van

Senior consultant at Snow

Team members: 2-20

"I work for a company that does consultancy in the Netherlands for Unix, Networking and Security challenges that our customers have. I fill in the hours spent on projects. Each week and month I generate reports. Once in a while I do some more difficult queries to have more in depth analysis."


Office manager at Water Energy Wastewater Engineering Ltd.

Team members: 9

“10Time Tracking is usefull and simple. We have 9 employees, including 3 partners, whom all write their hours daily on the time sheets. We now have history with these timesheets. We're analyzing per project where we can spent our time more optimal. Invoiced time is our turnover.”