Company Profile

Lessieux is a Dutch company based in the Netherlands. We are dedicated builders of simple and fun to use web-based software. We value simplicity over needless complexity. We value people over tools. We prefer working together over following a process. Measuring results and adjusting course frequently over sticking to a plan no matter what. But most of all we love to make engaging software that works for you.

Today, 80% of the features in business software remain relatively unused by the majority. Recent studies show that 50% of customers are put off by complex technology.

Because of this unneeded complexity software is often late, expensive, not up to the job or of abominable quality and most of all not fun or easy to use. Have you ever been fighting with a piece of software just to get things done? We have, and we do not think that is time spent efficiently. That is why we make simple tools that give you the ability to perform.

Your involvement is our commitment.

Our projects deliver on-time, on-budget and help you do what you need quickly. We insist on intensive customer interaction. Because we believe that only through communication and feedback we can learn and improve our service to you.

We maintain only one quality standard: Yours.

Lessieux is where internet business administration meets design, programming and customer empathy. Our strength comes from the combined experience and individual expertise of our people and the simple fact that we love what we do and care about our products.

Our clients include small and medium sized companies and organizations of open minded people who, like us, are embracing change and are not afraid to try something new. Our products enable them. All of our customers are references.

  • Business and technical internet consulting.

  • Rapid web 2.0 application design and development