10Time helps you organize your work into projects, categories and sub categories. This setup allows you the freedom to organize your work so that it matches your style and preferences. Categories can help you get a detailed insight of the kind of tasks you work on. Sub categories help you increase this detail even further enabling you to achieve high quality detailed reports without making concessions to the speed of data entry in the time sheet.

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For instance when you have a category Design you could have Corporate Identity, User Interface, Ergonomics, Website Layout and Review as sub categories. This would allow you to report in great detail what kind of design work you have been working on for your client.

For a category Marketing you could have sub categories like Copy Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Campaign Planning, Campaign Monitoring, Mailing or Networking.

Categories can be assigned a custom hourly rate. This rate will override the rate per project per team member and the rate per team member. The right hourly rate will automatically be used for calculations in your reports.

The plan you choose defines the number of (sub) categories and whether or not sub categories are available to you.

You can order categories and sub categories by using drag and drop. To change the order in which categories appear; hover your mouse over a category box. Click the left mouse button and keep it pressed. Now move the mouse up or down to where you want the category to be. You will see a highlight of the insertion point. Release the mouse button and you "drop" the category here. The new order of the categories is automatically saved in the background. Ordering sub categories works the same way. You cannot drop categories as sub categories or vice versa.

Categories explained




  • Create basic categories first and expand from there as needed. Evaluate regularly with your team members. You can always upgrade your plan later if you need more categories.

  • The first letter of the category name can be used as a shortcut to save time when entering time sheets. Take that into account when creating categories and choose names with unique first letters.

  • When entering hours in the timesheet, you can create a new (sub) category on the spot. Simple select "New..." in the category selectbox, enter the details and the new category is automatically added to the selectbox. Without ever leaving the timesheet!


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  • You can now try 10Time for yourself for only 1 dollar.. Choose the plan you want, which allows you to freely use 10Time with the projects and categories you need, and you can evaluate a paid plan for one month only a single dollar You can cancel before the trial period is over and your credit card will not be billed again.