I'm really happy to see the improvements on this new release. Thank you very much [...] it's awesome
Scott Maggelet,
Independent contractor
The site and application look terrific

It's a cool service

David Seah,
Productivity master and
freelance New Media Developer
I think the design is very clean, and the use of AJAX-type interaction is very nice. They certainly did do the job well, and they represent timesheets nicely. I think people will like it

Jon Leland,
president & creative director ComBridges
Thanks. Looks interesting and I like your philosophy


Rodrigo Franco
I'm using 10Time for almost 5 days and it's awesome. I was looking for a simple solution like that a long time
ago. Thank you very much

Kevin Old
I am very impressed with your product!
Here's what I liked/loved about it:
  • Dashboard: Wow. Very Clean. Very Simply.

  • Timesheet functionality: It acts like I expected it to (like a

  • Love the way new categories are created!

  • Reports: Extremely organized, functional interface to deliver the
    data to the user.
Love the exports for PDF and Excel!
Keep up the great work!!!

Michael Arrington,
It does one thing, and well: time tracking

Saul Weiner,
A Zulu in Sillicon Valley
This is super simple. My grandmum could use it

Henk van de Goor
I think your application is tremendous
Larry Velez
Keep up the great work. Your UI looks great

Ronald The,
Freelance Designer
Looks pretty nice so far

Jan van der Meer,
Internet Developer INOXA
The user interface of just dropped me completely off my chair. Wat a marvelous piece of technology and simplicity!! My compliments

Raoul Pop,
Healthcare Executive and Business Consultant
I like it, it's pretty cool!


Rene Verhagen,
Thanks [...] for a very handy tool!

John Philip Green,
Married Inc
Looks great guys… a day early and everything. Keep up the good work

Barbara Harrison,
WEW Engineering Ltd.
10Time Tracking is usefull and simple.[...] We now have history with these timesheets.