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“I have been using 10Time for an internship for
graduate school for the past year”


My internship is for a graduate psychology program at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado, US.

I'm required to keep track of 700 hours over the course of 12 months. Some of these are Direct hours, where I'm working with clients, and others are Indirect, where I am just doing additional work for the agency, notes, etc.

Additionally, I need to separate these hours out and specifically detail how I spent my time.

Since I am not good at keeping track of things with a paper and pen, and this would obviously take more time that I dont have, I searched online for a time tracking program and found 10Time.

Simple and easy to use

It has honesltly been one of the easiest programs to use, and has simplified the detailed process of separating my hours.

The fact that it allows me to separate time between projects, and categories is perfect.

Tracking time is 10Time

I can't imagine having done it any other way, and truly attribute some of the ease of this last year in graduate school to the 10Time time tracking program.

It will certainly be the first place I go when I need to keep track of my time in the future.

I am already thinking it will be useful to keep track of the hours I need to get licensed as a therapist in Colorado.

On behalf of the 10Time team,
thank you Jennifer and good luck with your studies!