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“A transparent way of
        showing clients costs.”

  • Matt Ansell
  • Creative Director at Jask

Interviewing Matt

Matt has over 14 years experience in creative design and the print industry. He's creative director at Jask, a graphic design and print company located in Birmingham UK working for many clients. Jask's company philosophy: to provide the best service possible throughout the spectrum of design and print services.

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  • Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 40
  • 5 people in the creative team
  • 10Time - Silver 40 projects for $29 a month

“Before we used 10Time we knew roughly how long a job took and noted on job bags. Now we track time much more accuratly!”

“Now people simply collaborate on a project and 10Time automatically puts all information together from all staff's timesheets”

Matt, can you tell us why you need a solution like 10Time
Time Registration for teams?

As clients are very demanding it can mean that it is very hard to keep track of time spent
on artwork. It's fairly straight forward with some clients as they take a few hours to create
a design and they approve it quickly but others can involve lots of small changes that previously weren't noted but were taking a lot of resource/time.

How did you manage time tracking before?

We knew roughly how long a job took and noted on job bags. We didn't bother tracking small changes etc.

Can you tell us about your first impressions and why did you
decide to go with 10Time?

My first impression was that 10Time is very straight forward to use. For this reason, and the very fast and friendly response from the support team we decided to go with 10Time.

What was the single most frustrating thing that 10Time has helped you solve?

The biggest frustration with time tracking before 10Time was that people filled in timesheets separately, meaning that I had to personally collate information at the end of the week for individual projects. Now people simply collaborate on a project and 10Time automatically puts all information together from all staff's timesheets allowing us to get an instant picture of the client spend situation.

What is it that makes you keep using 10Time?

It allows us to easily keep track of all clients and we can finally see the viability of working with some demanding clients. ie. we quote for a design but the client then changes their mind so many times that it takes a lot longer than quoted. 10Time allows us to either decide to stop working with the client, increase prices or at least show the client for future reference why costs must go up

How are you using 10Time?

We use "projects" as client names, "categories" as type of work ie. design, changes, typesetting and then we enter a description in the field.

Which feature do you like the most?
And what is the most valuable aspect?

The feature we like the most as well as the most valuable aspect, is that reports are very fast to generate and easy to edit. A very fast speed of operation - it's easy to swap from job to job.

Did 10Time help you improve your billing or specifications?

Yes, it helps a lot. 10Time is a transparent way of showing clients costs.

Did 10Time affect your time tracking habits?

Yes it did. We track time much more accuratly now. We find ourselves feeling very competitive to keep our billed hours high each day.

On behalf of the 10Time team,
thank you Matt!